My name is David Leer, my obsession with cameras and imagery started at a young age and has grown continually as I've traveled through life.

  I am an unabashed dog person. I think dogs are simply the best. They love unconditionally, when they’re happy they tell us with wagging tails, big smiles,and overly excited greetings whether we’ve been gone 20 minutes or 20 days.

  When I was a young teen we had a black lab mix named Dozer, from the time I was in 7th grade until I started driving he would meet me at the school bus stop and carry my backpack home for me, kids on the bus liked it so much that the bus driver wouldn't leave until my big black dog had emerged from the brush and picked up my backpack!

These days my wife and I are the proud dog parents of an 11 yr old basset hound, a chocolate lab (6 yrs old) and a black lab (1.5 yrs old)

Dogs are members of our families that spend their lives helping us smile, protecting our spaces, working for us, keeping us warm, and growing old with us. We get the opportunity to watch them from playful puppy-hood to contemplative senior status. Capturing those moments in a dog’s life that exemplify who and what they are is my goal. It is one I enjoy immensely and look forward to pursuing with your dog or dogs.

Harley Magoo

Lucy Ann (2006-2019)

Sadie (2007-2019)

Daphne Rose

Remy Sue

  I am also an avid observer of animals and natural places. I was lucky enough to spend the majority of the past 20 years working as a research fish biologist, being able to spend much of my time in the outdoors observing and recording the actions of animals and characterizing their habitats. Through the lens of my camera I hope to share with you my unique view of animals and the places they inhabit.

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