Each gallery is sorted chronologically (same for all galleries). This is because of the nature of Fast CAT’s where dogs often run out of their assigned run order.

I have grouped some of photos of individual breeds into separate galleries to help make it easier for folks to find their dog(s). If you’re having trouble finding your dog(s) let me know and we’ll get it figured out. I was able to get photographs of every run each day so there 100% are photos of your dog.

Purchasing options are as follows:

Individual downloads - $7.50/image (buy directly from online galleries)

All images from a single day - $25/dog (email your order directly to me) **When ordering please specify the filename series for each dog i.e. fri63 or sun12 etc. (there may be multiple if you needed a re-run**

Prints/Wall Art/Etc Price Varies (buy directly from online galleries)

***For full day orders payment can be sent via Paypal creekwalkerphotography@gmail.com or by Check.***

** If you choose to order prints please make sure to check the crop before finalizing your order. Many of the images are not standard sizes and will require some adjustment to fit whatever size print you want. If you are having trouble getting a particular image to fit a certain size send me an email and I can usually rework the image to fit your needs.**

***Please if you have questions direct those to me and not to the trial hosts****

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